28ft Fundeck


For more than fifty years, Eliminator’s name has been synonymous with quality and custom craftsmanship, and for good reason. Every boat we build is treated as an individual, custom creation, tailored to the express wishes and desires of its intended owner.

About Eliminator Boats – How Are We Different?

Unlike conventional production boat builders, we still adhere to the philosophy that each customer deserves the opportunity to select colors, create graphic designs, specify interior layouts, choose from an endless list of equipment options and decide which engine/propulsion system best suits their needs. And the end product reflects that care and individual attention every customer is proud to own. At Eliminator, performance and R&D is taken very seriously. That’s why Eliminator maintains one of the most aggressive and ambitious new model development and tooling programs in the industry.


There is no such thing as a carbon-copy at Eliminator. Every boat is an original, created in-house by Eliminator factory technicians using the latest and most advanced design and construction technologies available. One reason Eliminator continues to be so successful is the fact that its president, Jake Fraleigh, and his team at Eliminator pay attention to every detail, continually implement cutting edge designs & new technologies thereby enhancing performance and drivability. Eliminator’s team of long tenured employees have decades of experience, boating passion and, more importantly, are customer driven.

Looking To the Future

In late 2018 Eliminator was listed for sale. With the brand and employees’ interests in mind, Jake Fraleigh, Eliminator’s General Manager, at the time, assembled a group of investors with his same passion, named Revline LLC. Jake and this group of investors were successful in saving Eliminator from being sold or possibly closed. Today, we strive to follow the Eliminator legacy of lifestyle, quality and performance. With a few new contributing faces and an open imagination, we have already introduced the all-new 255, 31XO, 33X Speedster to rave reviews and industry accolades.

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