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Meet the latest trend, one piece wrap around windshield. These models have the latest performance options, bigger cockpit, and of course nothing but the best quality!
Its an honor to know a legend. Meet the boat that has profoundly changed the high performance boat market. But it's what you can routinely expect from Eliminator. Technology and excellence that makes a difference...years ahead all the rest.
Its the ultimate party platform. Ergonomically correct. Oh so spacious. Outfitted with an abundance of amenities. Just what it takes to have genuine on-the-water family fun. And best of all...an authentic Daytona air-entrapment bottom to deliver not so ordinary performance.
It's never too soon to get started in the right direction. Eliminator makes it easy! The Eagle XP is in a class all its own. Incorporating a bold new multi-level instrument panel and dash, integrated canopies and molded steps for deck access are just a few of the exciting new design features we've developed.